By definition the terms alkalosis and acidosis refer to a change in the body fluids and tissue which is caused by a failure of the body mechanism. The body mechanism’s role is to maintain the level of the blood acid. This means having a Ph level in the body above 7.0.

Human blood is normal when the level is between pH7.35 and 7.45. Levels above and below these limits are considered serious upon human health. In order to maintain these levels it is important to consume food that is low in acids i.e. to use the so called Alkaline diet. This diet was originally introduced by alternative medicine but today it is widely spread and even incorporated in traditional medicine.

Although generally considered acidic the most nutritious types of food that alkalize the body are actually the citrus fruits such as lemons. Lemons which are rich in vitamins and nutrients help digestion thus cleansing the body.

Another ingredient that needs to be included in this diet and it is an important alkaline food is asparagus. Its pH is 8.5 and it is abundant with minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Garlic and cayenne pepper are natural antibiotics which also alkalize the body by providing lots of nutrients and fiber. Furthermore, regulate blood pressure by boosting blood circulation and detoxify the body. Finally, avocado is in the top five alkaline foods. It has many health benefits due to its highly nutritious properties.

On the other hand, foods like dairy products, white flour, meat, sodas, coffee, alcohol, fried foods and canned food are commonly known as acid-forming foods. Toxins, medications and of course stress are also one of the main reason for acidity in the body.

By including alkaline food one can help the body, provide energy, reduce stress and prevent diseases and illnesses.