In most cases redheads are maligned by society. They are either called sexy or insulted. There is no in-between. However, many important people have red hair and some of them are Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry and Jessica Chastain and most of their conversation is about their red hair color.

However, Erin La Rosa not long ago published a book called “The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red”, in order to reveal more about them and to prove society wrong. It is her own book and her she explains that people who have natural red hair have to be proud of that. Additionally, she stated that there are natural biological benefits of being ginger.

She discovers a lot of interesting facts for having red hair. She says that they are the real “unicorns of this world”.
Moreover, Erin says that gingers are blessed in a more important way, as they are able to handle pain more efficiently than other people. The reason behind this is the MC1R gene mutation which gives them the red color.

Also, one study conducted in the McGill University in 2003 proves that with natural red hair are more tolerant to pain (~25% more) than those who have other hair color.

The researchers from The University of Louisville said that redheads need roughly 25% more general anesthesia if they go on a surgery, meaning they are resilient people.

This university also conducted a study in 2005 saying that redheads are also more sensitive to temperature changes and they are one of the first to know that winter is coming. They also need less vitamin D than other people because they produce more of the vitamin in a shorter period of time, because of their MC1R gene mutation.

This means that you should be proud if you have red hair.