If a baby is young, their parents try to guess what the baby wants and how it feels. Until you learn how to communicate with your baby without words and comprehend how to interpret the baby`s signs, here are some rules about how to understand their needs and discomforts.

1. How they cry

In their first months, the babies express their needs through crying. How do understand why the baby is crying?

A calling cry: If a baby has been alone for a long time, it will start to cry to be picked up. The baby will cry 5 – 6 seconds and wait for 20 seconds to be picked up.

A hunger cry: If a baby is not picked up after the crying call, it will start to cry hysterically. It will also rotate its head.

A pain cries: If a baby experiences pain, it will cry loudly and constantly.

A cry for sleeping: If a baby wants to sleep, but cannot fall asleep for some reason, it will start to whine and yawn. It will also rub its ears and eyes.

A discomfort cry: if a baby`s crying is accompanied by fidgeting, it means that the baby feels some discomfort.

2. How they move

Rotate their heads: Babies usually rotate their heads before falling asleep.

Clench their fists: It means that the baby feels hunger.

Jerk their arms: This means that something terrified the baby. Some light or sound may have frightened the baby and it needs to be relaxed.

Grab their ears: This means that the baby explored its body. If this movement is accompanied by crying, you should consult a doctor.

Lift their legs: If a baby lofts its legs, it means that it feels tummy pain. It lifts the legs and tries to relieve the pain.