The fiery intensity of a Scorpio’s love can burn you. Therefore, if you want to live and survive in a relationship with a Scorpio, you have to know these things. If you do not want to be burned, these things about loving a Scorpio will help you significantly.

11 things you have to know about loving a SCORPIO:

According to the astrologers, love represents life to a Scorpio. People born from 23rd October to 21st November have unique personality characteristics that make loving them easy and hard.

1. Love represents life for a Scorpio

Scorpio loves deeply and intensely. Their love is everything to them. They want to know the soul of their partners.

2. You cannot impress them

Scorpio respects intelligent, intuitive, ambitious and talented people similar to them. However, no one can impress them. But if Scorpio chooses you as a soulmate, they will love you despite your flaws and imperfections.

3. Do not try to control their life

Power is a mighty weapon of Scorpio. Even though you can express your opinions, you will never have a chance to win an argument with them.

4. They like mysterious things

You should never try to deceive Scorpio. However, maintaining a bit of mystery in your relationship will help you to keep them attentive.

5. They are very loyal

You are a lucky person if Scorpio chose you. You are everything to Scorpio. If Scorpio leaves you, it means that they are not perfect, which is not possible. Scorpio is loyal and they prove their trust before they give it.

6. Do not betray them

If someone is disloyal to Scorpio, they do not forgive easily. Make sure you do not start an argument with them. However, if you betray them, they will respond to you in the same way.

7. Extreme emotions

Like other water signs, Scorpio is susceptible to extreme emotions. Scorpio can be overwhelmed by the intensity of the emotions. You can support Scorpio by reminding them of their strength and awesomeness.

8. You are not equal to them

Scorpio selectively chooses their soulmates, so they look for a perfect partner. If Scorpio chooses you, it means that you are almost perfect.

9. They can live without you

As Scorpio is independent, fearless and ambitious, they do not need you and can easily live without you.

10. Get used to jealousy

Possessiveness is a common characteristic of Scorpio. They claim their partners as theirs and do not want to share them. It is the Scorpio who chooses, not you. Their love is their obsession, too.

11. Best sex than any other sun signs

Making love with Scorpio is the best you will ever have. Not only they are talented, but their intense love and fierce loyalty are everything that they can give you. In their bedroom, they are not thinking of anything or anyone else. They give you all their energy and devotion.