If someone is more attracted to intelligence than to physical appearance, it means that they are sapiosexual. They think intelligence is sexy.

11 signs that you are sapiosexual

1. You prefer deep and long conversations

You hate small talks. You enjoy deep and thoughtful conversations. Deep and long conversations inspire and motivate you. You find attractive the person you are talking to.

2. You prefer intelligence over physical appearance

Intelligence attracts you. Unlike other people, who first notice people’s physical appearance, you focus on people’s intelligence.

3. You respect emotional intelligence

You appreciate emotional intelligence because you know that people with amazing minds have learned painful life lessons. You are attracted by their pain and the strength to move on.

4. You need time to get to know people

You need time to get attracted to someone. The more you know someone, the more attracted by their intelligence you are. The way people see the world is attractive to you and that is why you need time to get to know them.

5. Slang words annoy you

You are attracted by face-to-face communications and people who are grammatically correct. You cannot stand people who use slang words or have bad grammar.

6. You do not believe in love at first sight

You think that love, at first sight, is impossible since you cannot fall in love with someone because of their looks. To fall in love with someone, you need to be impressed by their minds.

7. Your partners think that you are picky

Both your family and friends consider that you are picky. Their minds do not function as yours and they do not understand why you take so long to settle down. They think this is strange.

8. You are not impressed by material things

Unlike other people, you do not get impressed by valuable possessions and money. Moral principles impress you. You are not interested in people’s material belongings; you want to know how they invest in their minds and souls.

9. You want to learn new things

You want to learn new things that will broaden your knowledge and widen your perspectives. That is the reason why are you impressed by people who invest in their self-development and who constantly crave new knowledge. A perfect date for you means a deep, thoughtful conversation and intellectual teasing.

10. You are a good listener

You have amazing listening skills. Listening to someone’s dreams and thoughts about life is one of the things that you enjoy. This will help you not only to see their points of view but also learn about knowledgeable and meaningful topics. You are attracted by people who are passionately talking about life.

11. You would rather meet someone in a bookstore than in a bar

You do not want to meet people in bars. Your dream date is at a documentary screening or in a bookstore. There you will find your intellectual partner because these environments inspire meaningful conversations.