A lot of women are frustrated and often worry when their men do not show their love and affection out loud. However, they are different than women and are wired in a different way.

Women tend to express their feeling more verbally than men. On the contrary, men express their feelings with actions instead of using words.

This means if your loved one is not telling you more about his feelings, you have to see if he shows some of these 12 signs and uses them to show his love for you.

1. He brings you around his family and friends

If he starts to show you proudly to his family and friends, it means that he is in love with you and is serious about you. He wants you to be a part of his life and everyone to see that you make him very happy.

2. He constantly stays in touch with you

When you love someone you want to stay in touch with them and you won’t need a special reason to do that. This means that he will call you just to talk to you and to say hi. This means that he cares a lot about you.

3. He is physically close to you

It may seem like he just put his arm around you, or he hugged you unexpectedly, or he just lies on the couch and cuddles with you. The real reason is that he wants to be connected to you in a physical way and this is a sign that his wish is to be close to you and he enjoys in your company.

4. He always compromises

If he is in love with you, he will try to make you happy. This means that sometimes he would have to sacrifice his interests in order to achieve that. If he is willing to compromise, it means that you mean everything to him.

5. He wants to be with you and it is not important what you do

It is not important what you do, as long as you are together. He will come with you to buy groceries and everywhere you go just to make your company. If he loves you, everything you do will be exciting to him and he will enjoy being a part of that.

6. He always listens to you

Details are important. In most cases, men are usually accused that they are horrible listeners. However, if a man remembers very small details regarding you, it means that he always listens to you carefully, because he cares about you a lot.

7. He seeks your advice

If he sees a life partner in you, he will ask for your opinion. Your thoughts are important to him and the reason is that you are important.

8. He mirrors your behavior and your body language

If you love someone, it is normal to subconsciously duplicate their posture, gestures, as well as their behavior. If you notice that your guy does this you have to know that he is in love with you.

9. He will pick up your dry cleaning

He will do anything you ask. He will help you with your everyday obligations and it will not be a problem for him. If he does not love you, he will never stick around often and he won’t do any of those things.

10. He always picks up the best gifts

The occasion is not important. What matters is that he always buys you the best presents and he gives you valuable things that matter to you. He knows you well and he pays attention to everything you say.

11. He always smiles to you after you kiss

And it is the best and cutest smile you have ever seen.

12. He makes you feel safe

He will always act protective and it is natural to try and protect the people you love. If he loves you he will care and try to make you feel safe. He will always be by your side and always be your teammate.