Through social media, we are constantly exposed to people`s stories about their tragedies or unhappy events. However, we choose whether we are happy or not. It is our choice. To be happy, we need to let negativity and unhappiness.

Here is a list of things that happy people do regularly. Which of these things do you do?

1. You are grateful for the things that you have

Happy people are grateful for the things that they possess. They do not mourn for the things that they lack. When we are grateful for the things that we have, our body releases serotonin, a hormone that makes us happy.

2. You are generous

Generous people are not selfish. They always look on the bright side and want to help people in need. When they help other people, they feel happy.

3. You can control your own life

You are fully responsible for your life when you are happy. You easily overcome negative situations in your life. If you feel you are not happy with something, you change it.

4. You spend time on your own

Happy people enjoy spending time on their own. They want to focus on things that calm down their mind and relax them. Find a hobby and enjoy doing it.

5. You want to make the world a better place

Happy people want to change all the bad things in the world and make it a perfect place for living. You appreciate your life. You love your life and the things that make you happy.

6. You always forgive others

Happy people overcome people`s mistakes and forgive them. They do not want to burden themselves with the mistakes that other people make. They also forgive themselves. They forgive their own mistakes and bad choices.

7. You do not expect anything from others

Happy people do not want to feel disappointed and they do not expect anything from others. They know that nobody will help them. They must help themselves.