The purpose of living is to adopt habits that will make us happier. Life is too short, and unhappiness can affect our well-being and life in general.

Chronic unhappiness can lead to severe mental and physical health problems. However, you should make a distinction between chronic unhappiness and clinical depression. The former depends on our own choice of how to live our lives, while the latter is defined as a chemical imbalance in the brain. Likewise, depression and chronic unhappiness can be diagnosed and even treated.

14 habits that trigger unhappiness and how to avoid them:

1. Chronic complaining

Successful and happy people never complain about their life issues. On the other hand, unhappy people always complain about everything, even when everyone around them is happy. Remember that all people have problems they are supposed to deal with. Therefore, stop complaining and focus on finding solutions instead.

2. Being too critical

Our self-image depends on the way we perceive ourselves. That’s how we create our self-esteem and self-worth. Making mistakes is unavoidable, so instead of criticizing yourself or others, you should accept your mistakes and move on. Engaging yourself in negative self-talk destroys your mental health and makes you feel worthless. What’s more, accept the fact that all people are different, and you will eventually realize that life is better without criticism.

3. Do not surround yourself with negative people

Negative people can bring you down and make you feel less energized and motivated. Instead, surround yourself with like-minded people who will support you and appreciate everything you do.

4. Living beyond means

The society we live in is completely materialistic. Most people feel satisfied and happy after purchasing a new product that will boost them emotionally. However, this kind of satisfaction won’t make you happy in the long run. Therefore, you should start doing things that will make you really happy, such as spending time with your friends and family, exercising, traveling, reading, etc.

5. Negative addictions

In order to be happy, we need to be moderate, especially when it comes to alcohol, food, and entertainment. Do not engage yourself in addictive habits such as abusing drugs or alcohol. Instead, find your passion and live for it.

6. Regretting the past

Regretting the past is a totally useless and highly detrimental habit. Numerous studies have shown that it can increase the stress levels. This, in turn, may result in anxiety and depression.

According to the psychologists, there are four ways to deal with regret:

  • If you cannot change the situation, then let it go
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Do not blame yourself or others
  • Reframe the situation positively

7. Worrying about the future

People aren’t able to predict their future, so it is useless to waste our energy and time thinking negatively about it. The past and future exist only in our minds, so the only reality we are living in is the present moment. Therefore, make sure you enjoy the beautiful things in life and do not worry about something that may never happen.

8. Don’t be fearful

The fear of the unknown prevents you from living your life to the fullest. Feeling fear won’t reduce your chances of experiencing bad things. On top of it, it can also destroy your mental and physical health. Negative thoughts lead to fear, so in order to make them powerless, you should stop feeding them with your energy.

9. Delaying the fulfillment of your dreams

Make sure you direct your energy towards achieving your goals and dreams. Do not be afraid of taking the first step. Spending your life doing ordinary things and discarding your passions and talents is a real pity.

10. Gossiping

Talking negatively about others won’t make you happy. This habit is an indicator of your insecurity and unhappiness. Confident and happy people do not engage themselves in small, useless talks. Those who try to improve their lives would never waste their time gossiping.

11. Holding grudges

Animosity creates a mental load that will eventually destroy you. Although the negative behaviors of other people can make you angry, you shouldn’t let the anger to steal your happiness. Therefore, forgive others and move on.

12. Eating unhealthy food

Ingesting processed and unhealthy food may result in weight gain, poor health, decreased productivity, and lack of energy. On the other hand, well-balanced nutrition will make you feel more energized, alert, productive, and healthy. Remember that only healthy people are happy.

13. Expanding your problems

Unhappiness makes us more emotional, which means we tend to blow things out of proportion. Do not rely on your emotions; instead, try to look at your problems objectively and focus on finding a solution.

14. Lack of physical activity

Nowadays, people tend to lead sedentary lifestyles, which can seriously damage their health. Being active not only improves our overall well-being but it also helps us to get rid of negative thoughts.

15. Too much noise

Noise is one of the main reasons for being overstressed. Make sure you enjoy at least twenty minutes daily in silence. This will reduce the stress and help your brain function properly.