The Code of Ethics of the North American Indians should guide you through life. Even though their beliefs are simple, sometimes even primitive, you may be surprised by the truth they hide.

1. Get up with the sun and pray. Pray alone and often. The Great Spirits will listen to you, but only if you speak.

2. Always be tolerant towards those who have strayed from the road. Ignorance, anger, and jealousy come from lost souls. Pray for them to return to the right path.

3. Seek for yourself, through yourself. Do not let other people manage your way. That’s your way and just yours – Others can go with you, but nobody can go instead of you.

4. Treat your guests in your house with a lot of kindness. Always serve them the most delicious food, give them the most comfortable bed, and treat them with respect and honesty.

5. Do not take anything that is not yours, either from a person, community, wildlife, or somebody else’s culture. It wasn’t deserved and given to you. It’s not yours.

6. Respect everything that exists on earth. Like humans, animals, and herbs.

7. Respect other opinions, words, and wishes. Never interrupt someone’s speech, mock or imitate someone with a dose of sarcasm. Give each person the right to personal expression.

8. Never talk bad about others. The negative energy you send to the universe will return to you multiple times.

9. All people make mistakes. Any mistake can be forgiven.

10. Negative thoughts cause diseases of the mind, spirit, and body. Practice optimism.

11. The nature around us is not ours; it is part of us. Nature is part of our global family.

12. Children are the future. Plant love into their hearts, water them with wisdom, and teach them about life experiences. When they begin to grow, give them the space they need.

13. Avoid hurting someone else’s heart. The poison will hurt you too.

14. Be honest at all times. Sincerity is a test of inheritance and consistency within this universe.

15. Keep yourself in balance. Your mental self, emotional self, spiritual self, and physical self. Everything should be equally strong, clean, and healthy. Strengthen your body in order to strengthen your mind. Growth is rich in spirituality, so you can heal emotional wounds.

16. Make a conscious decision about what kind of person you want to be, how you will act, and how you will face your decisions. Be responsible for your actions.

17. Always respect the privacy of others as well as their personal space. Do not touch anyone else’s property, especially do not touch holy and spiritual relics. That is strictly forbidden.

18. First of all, be honest with yourself. You cannot be careful and help others if you are not careful about yourself and don’t help yourself first.

19. Respect other religions. Do not force others to believe in your religious beliefs.

20. Share your happiness. Share kindness and mercy without expecting anything in return.