If you are emotionally unstable, it can mean that you have another great problem behind that. It can implicate a personality disorder, including borderline personality disorder. Additionally, it can be a sign of depression, childhood trauma, or anxiety disorder.

There are different signs of a person who is emotionally unstable. It can be anxiety and depression, and they can exhibit different behaviors that can influence the people who surround them and themselves.

If you know a person who you think can be emotionally unstable, you have to try and recognize the signs. This means that you will be able to understand them and their needs. It is important to give support and not allow them to be personally influenced by their behavior.

4 Behaviors Of People Who Are Emotionally Unstable

They Do Impulsive Things

A person who is emotionally unstable can be more prone to impulsive actions. They can do things that could cause harm to themselves and the people around them, and they will not think about that at all. For instance, a person who is emotionally unstable can drive their car extremely fast and even drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These impulsive actions are more often geared towards danger. These people are prone to impulsive gambling or spending. They cannot control themselves and cannot understand delayed gratification. All of these things make them happy for a short period of time, not in the long term.

They Have Problems With Anger

This is the biggest sign of an emotionally unstable person. They have problems with expressing their anger. They can easily snap in between being extremely furious and perfectly pleasant. It is hard for them to control their emotions in a way that is healthy. They are prone to many outbursts of happiness and sadness, but their anger can be very damaging. They can scream and shout if they are angry, or they can express their anger by doing violent actions. However, this cannot mean they will hurt the other person physically, but they can push objects or slam doors.

On And Off Relationships

A person who is emotionally unstable will find it difficult to keep all relationships stable. They can go from feeling very affectionate toward someone, and suddenly they can start feeling bad about them. It will be hard for them to have a relationship that is stable. They can begin arguments, and they can break up with the person they love just to be together again after a short time.

They React Extremely

This is similar to anger problems. Those who are not emotionally stable will react extremely to different situations which can be perceived or real. If they see that someone has done something wrong to them, they might have a very strong reaction immediately, and they won’t try to find out what happened. They see the work differently, and they will not realize the real situation but have an extreme reaction.

The most common perception that can lead to an extreme reaction among people who are emotionally unstable is perceived abandonment. Once they feel like some of their friends or family will abandon them (even though this might not be true), they can end up feeling negative thoughts and having a very negative reaction.

Final Thoughts

People who are emotionally unstable are those who have experienced a traumatic event during their lives. It is hard for them to develop the needed tools for having stable emotions, and in most cases, they need very strong support, therapy, and in some cases, even medication.

In many cases, their intention is not to hurt other people, but this eventually happens. If you know someone who has this problem, it is important to recognize their behavior, which can help you figure out what kind of help they need to get in order to get back on the right track.