Spirit warriors represent the ones who have been chosen to help the awakening on the Earth. The spirit warriors are the ones who make people free from the everyday traps through their mindsets and deeds.

The spirit warriors are the people who challenge their dreams of lie, fear, false beliefs, which create unhappiness and suffering in their life.


Before people are born, some of them agree to take part in the human awakening on Earth. Namely, some of them agree to take this path, which is hard and full of sacrifices and challenges. These people, who have agreed to be among the spirit warriors, have been told that they have to put off the pain in order to remember the awakening.

However, it is a pleasure to be a part of the spiritual upgrade of the World.

The spirit warrior guest has to look for a way to reach higher awareness. They are the ones who give their lives and protect us in order to awaken us. In addition, they are also the ones who strive for civil rights, freedom for speech, religious rights, but they also try to change the way people think of them, as they are regarded as the Wisest.
If you possess 5 of these characteristics, you are a spiritual warrior.


– Spirit warriors choose their own battles

We want to change many things in our life, but we are not able to change them at the same time. Patience is an important characteristic. Spirit warriors do not waste their energy. They spend their energy wisely, as they act when they are ready. Spirit warriors respect and love each other. As their mission is to try to change the world, they should be in perfect form.

– Spirit warriors start life again and again

Spirit warriors are like Phoenix. Even though they may be burnt, they cannot be completely destroyed. Their lives may be crashed, but they are alive until they breathe. Even though they may stop breathing, they will continue to influence other people’s lives, as enlightened spirits.

– Spirit warriors tame their inner fears

It is almost impossible to live without fear. The chosen spirit warriors live with fears, too. However, it does not indicate that they do not try to tame their fears and shadows. They are the ones who will look where others are afraid to look, and they will accept to go further than the others.

– Spirit warriors live and breathe for love

Live is very important for spiritual warriors. They think that love is the main key to Wisdom. Also, love represents the language of the Universe. We can eliminate darkness with a hug, a smile, a friendly handshake.

– Spirit warriors defy what others may think and follow their heart

Spirit warriors believe their intuition and know that their energy never lies. Even though an enemy may pretend to be a friend, the intuition of spirit warriors warns them. They believe in their heart messages.

– Spirit warriors do not give up in tough situations

Spirit Warriors are filled with their passion and they are cases in point of their life. They are not the ones who are destroyed by an injury, a breakup, an economic disaster, a disability, or a disease. They are here to show other people how to deal up with these disasters.

– Spirit warriors appreciate the truth

They are ready to go as far as they can in order to learn what they do not know. They are honest and they think that truth is essential for human growth and development even though it can be affected by pain. Truth is able to unlock mysteries and to solve problems. Truth can help in many ways.