Overthinkers are people who possess the ability to analyze every possible situation so deeply and meticulously. They are believed to have a highly functional brain and a sharp wit because their minds work in an unusually complex way.

If their overthinking abilities are accompanied by a pure soul and a sensitive heart, these people become even more vulnerable.

It must be a struggle to have both a sensitive heart and an overthinking mind. It makes you overwhelmed with self-doubt, guilt, anxiety, and confusion.

These are the most common struggles these people face:

1. They are sensitive to other people’s opinions

Overthinkers struggle with self-doubt which makes them take everything so personally. Worrying about what other people think of them makes them feel insecure, vulnerable, and confused.

2. They want to be loved

These people need to be taken care of and crave connection and love. Their innate insecurity makes them look for validation. They are afraid of being hurt, so they always play safe and need to be reassured of their partner’s love.

3. They search for hidden meanings in every single word

Their minds have an innate ability to take everything personally and constantly search for hidden messages in everything people do or say.

4. They prefer spending time alone

Overthinkers are usually considered unsociable because they would rather spend an entire day detangling their thoughts and dealing with the chaos inside their minds rather than hang out with their friends.

5. They live with regrets

Making a decision is an entire process for overthinkers which takes them a lot of time. They can go over and over the same issue and still regret about their final decision.

6. They usually suffer from insomnia

Overthinkers usually suffer from various sleep disorders because they can’t control what’s happening inside their minds. They constantly deal with perplexing and irrational thoughts which affect their sleep routine.