Many people consider highly sensitive persons (HSPs) and empaths to be the same, but they’re not. They have a lot of things in common though. Both types of persons are very sensitive to the energies of all the beings around them and they need some time to charge their batteries and run up again.

For these types of people, water can act as a form of powerful protection. It helps wash away all the negativity and stresses in their lives, and also help them feel refreshed as a whole. The best place for these energy-sensitive people to spend their time is by a body of water. Whether that is close to the ocean where they can smell the salty air or just by a close pond where they can dip their feet in, they gain a lot by the water around them.

We can safely say that there is a great connection between water and these energy sensitive people, and most people don’t even understand that connection.

The benefits that they get from being close to water are many and they depend on how every person is tuned into nature, but being close to it can help these types of persons.

Here are six reasons why and how water affects energy sensitive persons.

Being close to a flowing body of water can help with balancing their chakras

Because these types of people absorb so much energy daily, they will need some help to balance their chakras, and they get that help from the water. The flow of water brings a positive flow inside them too, it also helps the chi energy within them to flow without restrictions.

Being close to a saltwater body, they might feel relaxation on an intense level

If an energy sensitive person is near saltwater, they might take a dip in the sea or ocean to free themselves of the negative things that hold on to their auras. The experience might not be as comfortable for some as it is to others but either way, it is worth trying.

The sound vibrations that water makes, can be very relaxing

The daily life of the energy-sensitive people is filled with stressful things, so just listening to the sounds that water makes can help them relax and free their minds and let go of anything negative that they’re dragging behind them.

Water can cleanse them

Getting in a body of water can help these people cleanse themselves of any burden they carry with them. The water with its power can help alleviate all the things that we’re not able to free from ourselves.

They communicate with Mother Nature through these bodies of water

The connection they have with water helps them feel as if they can speak with the universe freely. They often like to spend some time on their own close to somebody of water and connect with the universe through it.

The air around water is some of the freshest air you can breathe

Breathing air that’s close to some type of water can help refresh yourself and fill you with negative ions. This makes it easier for our bodies to absorb oxygen and can relieve some stress that’s built up. Being close to water generally brings a positive mood.

Source: Awareness Act