People always search easy tricks and tips that will help them to lose more weight. However it is not easy to do that. On the other hand you should be aware that you can lose weight in a healthy way. We have one easy diet that will help you.

These are some important trick and tips that can help you to lose weight and also one diet plan for 7 days that can help you in achieving your goals.

You should eat breakfast!

If you skip breakfast you will just cause harm and you will only gain weight. You should not eat sugary or processed foods for this or any meal. It should be filling and should not contain empty calories.

Your last meal should be eaten before or at 8 PM

For maintaining your weight, it is important to eat the last meal of the day before 8 PM or at 8 pm. It is a very important factor for weight loss and you have to respect it.

The diet

1st day

It is a fruit day, meaning you will only fruit during the day. Oranges, apples, papaya, pineapple, grapes or fruit of your choice. You cannot eat bananas; you will eat them on the 4th day.

2nd day

This is a vegetable, meaning you can eat only vegetables. For breakfast eat baked potatoes, and beans or broccoli for lunch. You can also eat vegetable stews or soups.

3rd day

This day you eat vegetables and fruits combined. You can eat any types of vegetables or fruits, except for potatoes and bananas.

4th day

This day is reserved for milk and bananas. You can eat 10 bananas maximum during the entire day and 3 glasses of milk.

5th day

This day is a feast day! You can eat different foods, such as fish or chicken. The choice is yours. You should also eat tomatoes that help in weight loss and are important for chemical breakdown.

6th day

During this day you can eat vegetables in large amount as well as red meat.

7th day

This is the last day and you can eat steamed vegetables and brown rice. Drink vegetables juices; eat potatoes and couple of fruits, including bananas.

During this diet you should drink a lot of water and you can drink green tea, coffee with or with no milk and homemade lemonade.