The best way to find out whether someone is lying is to compare his words with his actions. In addition, there are also some statements that a liar tends to say. If you are talking to someone and he/she says these common things, it is obvious that he/she is lying.


There are some statements that can indicate a high probability of deception. The following phrases should raise your red flag of deception:

1. Why would I do that?

Deceptive people are usually ambiguous, which is rather easy to pick up. When they use this phrase, they take time to come up with what they are going to say next.

2. I do not remember doing that

Deceptive people usually want to make us believe that they do not remember things. In this way, they want to hide the truth. If they are caught or they need time to find an excuse, they make out not remembering the thing.

3. You cannot prove that

The words they use make it obvious that they did it, but if there is no proof they deny doing it. However, if they did not do it, they would just say that they did not do it, didn’t they?

4. I do not know what you are talking about

With this phrase, deceptive people try to reject doing something at once. They are aware of what you are talking about, but it is hard to make them accept doing it.

5. That is about it

This phrase shows that they are trying to hide something. If they have told you everything, they would have not used the word about.

6. Are you accusing me?

With this phrase, deceptive people try to make the accuser guilty. In this way, they want to interrupt the conversation.

7. Do you think that I would do something like that?

With this phrase, deceptive people try to make the accuser feel bad for accusing him/her. Even though it often works, there are times when the accuser finds out that they are lying.

8. I do not want to talk about that

Deceptive people will try to escape the conversation as soon as possible. In addition, if someone is lying, he/she will try to change the topic of conversation immediately.

Deceptive people will always try to get rid of the accusations for what they did. If you notice someone saying these phrases, you should know how to respond.

For example, if someone says that he/she did not remember doing it, you should ask what they really remember.

Honest people will say what they remember, whereas deceptive ones will still claim that they do not know. If you come to detect deceptive people, you should carefully listen to what they are saying.

Have you ever met a person who says these phrases and later you find out that he /she did the thing you accused him/her of? There are a great number of deceptive people today.

Words do not just fall from our mouths, they have representation and meaning of what someone is thinking. Words can reveal deception.

However, these phrases will help you to find out whether someone is lying.