Here are some tips on how to start and build happier relationships.

Always have a positive self-image

You have to look at yourself positively all the time. Be aware of your flaws and your imperfections but know that you’re an amazing person and if you show others that you respect yourself, people around you will feel that as well.

You have to enjoy life

Happiness is very important in life, and to be happy with others, you have to know how to be happy with yourself. So try to do the things that you enjoy doing frequently: go on a nice holiday, exercise, eat nice food or take a day off to relax.

Don’t let the past drag you back

Everyone has gone through bad stuff at some point in their lives, but you must move on. If something bad happened in the past, it doesn’t mean that it will happen again. So move on and enjoy the present moment.

Take advice from people that are in good relationships

Talk with some people that have been in a good relationship for a long time, discuss what made them stay together for so long, and what keeps love still that strong after so many years.

Appearance is not the most important thing

People that spend too much time on their appearance aren’t worth your time. Don’t sacrifice your energy on someone whose top priority in life is to look good.

Stay in touch with the nice people

When you go on a date, you will immediately notice if the person is nice or if they’re the total opposite. If you happen upon a nice one, try to keep them in your life.

Don’t listen to what people are talking

Instead of letting other people tell you how to feel and how to think, listen to what your heart tells you. You are the one that must make the decision and nobody else should tell you what to do.

Enjoy in everything that you do in your life

Try to have the most fun that you can have. Go out with your friends, have fun, do something that you haven’t done before, see something new, meet new people. Just have fun.

Don’t overthink about stuff

Do not have too many expectations and plans. If you feel your relationship is going well, it probably is. Don’t think anything else. Let things develop themselves and everything will sort itself.

Source: Higher Perspectives