Recently, the media have been overloaded with news feeds about the pandemic, which, in turn, hurts everyone’s mood. To refocus your mind and make your day, we decided to present you Gen, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Japan.

He is a 5-year old, clever, and playful dog, whose irresistible facial expressions made him highly popular on Instagram with more than 111K followers.

His owner says that Gen is a sociable dog who loves being around people. However, his life wasn’t easy at all.

Namely, he was born with renal failure, which is an irreversible hereditary disease. It causes anemia, high blood pressure, malaise, polyuria, and polydipsia. Despite this condition, Gen also suffers from convulsive seizures and prostatic hyperplasia.

Currently, he is on dialysis three times weekly and receives numerous types of medicine drugs. Due to his renal insufficiency, he is on a special dietary regime as well.

According to his owner, despite Gen’s incurable diseases, he is a happy dog who lives a quality life even though his lifespan will be very short.

What is interesting about Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs is that they are eager to learn and easy to train. They are great with other pets and children. Although they are small-sized, they are very energetic. They need to be under constant monitoring because they are prone to overeating.

Look at Gen’s photos below and you will realize why he is one of the most expressive dogs on social media.