Every year, thousands of female sea turtles swim to the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica to lay their eggs on the beach. The Wildlife Refuge is considered the second largest area where the sea turtles gather together during the egg-laying seasons.

In 2016, Vanessa Bezy, a biologist, filmed this large egg-laying gathering. She told National Geographic that she knew that something special will happen. She was completely amazed by the footage.

In the video, there were more than 5000 sea turtles filmed in an area of 1000 football fields, at a density of approximately one sea turtle on a square meter. It is considered that there were also turtles beneath the sea surface, which were unseen on the footage.

It is not familiar why female sea turtles gather at the Wildlife Refuge and how they go back to the beach. Even, it is thought that the sea turtles follow the magnetic field of the Earth.

Moreover, it is also not known why sea turtles gather together in such large numbers. One possibility is a strength as the rate of survival is extremely low.

This gathering of sea turtles usually lasts 5 nights, while the incubation period is 45 days. It happens from August to October, so it is an ideal destination for traveling.

Source: IFLScience