Coffee with added butter became popular these days because of the fact that it is abundant, strong and it can help you to lose weight. Even though one tablespoon of coconut oil and butter is not something to be considered as a complement to coffee, actually they are great when combined.

You should make this coffee in a blender so you can make a homogenous mixture. However, if you want foam you can add a little bit of butter and leave it to melt.

If you drink this in the morning instead of having breakfast, or a treat, you will have a huge improvement in your weight.

It has amazing other benefits as well. It can decrease the risk of having cancer for around 50%, or the risk of developing type II diabetes by around 7%; it can interfere with the development of all germs which cause mouth odor, halitosis, etc.

By adding butter in your coffee you will experience a huge change and many health advantages.

Butter coffee benefits:

• Can help you to clean up your arteries
• It can help you to promote many functions of the brain
• It will help you to minimize the body fat and help you to lose weight
• It can help if you are constipated all the time.
• Provide your body with different antioxidants.

This will only take you 30 seconds and it will give you many benefits. If you are trying this for the first time, it would be better if you begin with a small quantity, for example, add one teaspoon. Also will help your digestive system to adjust because too much butter at first can cause diarrhea or cramps. During the time you can increase it and it can be one tablespoon or more.

It is also important to use quality butter, with golden yellow color and amazing flavor. Do not buy the cheap stuff as they would ruin your coffee and remember to buy the unsalted butter. Use an emersion blender to reduce the cleanup. Make the strong coffee, add your butter and blend up for 30 seconds.

The final thoughts are that this might seem crazy, but it really tasty. By adding unsalted butter, you will achieve great results. Enjoy.