In August 2019, Anaka, a Western Lowland gorilla, at Zoo Atlanta celebrated the 6th birthday. The employees at the Zoo took photos of her and shared them on Facebook.

People, who sent best wishes for her birthday, noticed some unusual details on the photos.

Namely, Anaka has a characteristic human-like patch on her fingers. Interestingly, gorillas have fingerprints and toe prints like other primates. But, unlike other animals, they have fingernails and toenails instead of claws.

Some people considered that Anaka has Vitiligo, a condition manifested with a lack of skin pigmentation. The employees at the Zoo stated that Anaka has this patch from her birth and it has not changed over the years.

Except for her unique patch on her fingers, Anaka, as employees at the Zoo said, has a unique personality, too, usually barking at her mother to get a spot for drink and food.


Source/photos: Zoo Atlanta   Zoo Atlanta – Facebook