Dear father,

It’s been a long time since I said thank you last. And this thank you is not about things like opening the jar I couldn’t open or helping me fix something about my car. This is a thank you for making me the person I am right now.

Thanks for teaching me that I deserve more and for not letting me accept anything less than the best

There were moments when I felt I wasn’t good enough for anything, but you were the one telling me that I was the best. Whether it was about my romantic relationships, friendships or something else, you were always there for me to boost my confidence and to bring me to a place that I couldn’t get to on my own. You helped me recognize my amazing qualities and you let me know that I shouldn’t accept anything else than what’s best. If you weren’t there for me, I wouldn’t be as ambitious, socially open and strong.

Thanks for being the one I can make proud

It’s not easy to be successful when you’re feeling all alone, but you never let me feel like that. All through my school days, I could never be happier when I got a good grade and you were home waiting for me to tell you the good news.

Thanks for letting me know what it means to be a generous person

You always put the family first. If some of my wishes required you to not get what you wanted, you would undoubtedly make that sacrifice. All the things you did for me like wearing the same old clothes so I could get new ones, to visiting my shows even if you had some other plans before that, prove that you never put yourself before your family’s needs. This is a quality I admire the most about you and I will always look up to you because of your selflessness.

Thanks for being the inner voice that helps me make the right choice

Even if most of the time the things you say get old very fast like, if I find myself in a pickle and doubt about something, I can hear you inside my head telling me what is the right thing to do at that moment. I don’t always tell you that you’re right, but you are.

Thanks for your sincerity towards me when everyone else was untrue

A big part of my life with you is filled with happiness and encouragement, but that’s not the best thing about you. You always tell me how things are. You don’t try to sugarcoat things and praise me in every situation, but when I deserved to be praised I got praised, and when I deserved to be scolded I was. But instead of all these things bring me down, you helped me find out that my mistakes are only mine and how I can work on fixing them and getting better.

And last, but not least, thanks for letting me know how a big man looks like

When the time comes for me to marry, I don’t have any doubts that I will find the most amazing man for me because I have you to compare him to. I know that nobody is perfect, but the way you raised me is engraved in me and I can’t imagine any other way of raising my kids one day. It will be really hard to find a man that’s as generous, inspiring, and strong as you but I know all the effort will be worth it at the end.

You’re not just my parent, you are my best friend. You were always there for me and I can’t imagine my life being the same without you.

I will always love you,
Your little daughter

Source: TheOdysseyOnline