It was reported that a humpback whale was noticed swimming in the Montreal river for the first time. Namely, it has been spotted twice – this week it has been noticed swimming beneath the Pont de Quebec and under the Jacques Cartier Bridge yesterday.

It is considered that the humpback whale has been living in the salty water of the St. Lawrence River in Canada.

According to Robert Michaud from the Marine Mammal Emergency Network in Quebec, this was the first time that a humpback whale has passed near the Quebec area. It may follow other fish and end up in the Montreal River.

He also added that this was not a common situation. Humans, as well as mammals sometimes go to unusual places.

Therefore, it is sure that the humpback whale does not belong to the Quebec area.

Moreover, according to Robert, the city`s marine traffic could cause harm to the humpback whale.

Local people came to the river to see the whale, while it was swimming. It was forbidden to go within a hundred meters of the humpback whale with a boat, because if the whale gets stresses, it may attack and harm humans.

Marie-Eve Muller from the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Network stated that the humpback whale may end up her journey in the Montreal River as the current has become very strong. It may go back to Gaspe or Tadoussac.

According to the experts, the humpback whale has started to head west and it may soon leave the Montreal River.

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