Real friendships are tested when they are long-distance. Long-distance friendships can be one of the best and most true ones in the world.

Having someone that’s far away from you but has you on their mind, and tries to stay in touch as much of the time as possible is truly a treasure and you should cherish that. That means that you two have a connection so strong not even distance can break it.

We’re just going to tell you six reasons that long-distance friendships are the most genuine.

No matter the distance, you find a way to get in touch

They don’t have to be physically close to you, to be able to feel them like they’re there. Technology today gives us great opportunities to stay in touch with our best friend.

Sharing with them all the things that are happening, the good ones and the bad ones, now only requires calling them or texting them on some app and they’ll get back to you in no time. And because you can text them and contact them at whatever time you want, you’ll hardly ever feel lonely.

You get to travel when you want to visit them

When you decide to visit your long-distance friend, traveling is a really fun part of it too. Besides seeing your best friend, you can meet some new friends and visit new places on the way there. All that gives you chances to go on new adventures you wouldn’t even think of when living close to your best friend.

Reuniting is dearer than ever

When you’re away from your best friend for a longer period, the wish to see each other is stronger than anything. That’s why the moment when you reunite with them is so amazing and special – because it teaches you to not take the time you have together for granted and appreciate every moment you spend with them.

The advice they give is the best

Because they aren’t directly connected with the state of affairs you’re in, long-distance friends can give you great advice when it comes to making some big decisions or if you have some complications with your other friends.

If you make the long-distance friendship work, that friend is sure to be a big part of your life

It can be really hard to make things work in a long-distance friendship in comparison to a friendship with a person that lives near you. Although if you two could make your friendship work with all the obstacles, and challenges it has, then rest assured that you’ll have special places in each other’s lives, and distance will never stand in the way of that type of connection.

Arguments and fights are less likely to happen

If you do happen to get in a fight with your long-distance best friend, the drama will never be a part of it. All your arguments finish quickly and you find a solution to the problem with ease. It usually takes one “I’m sorry” to end all the arguments.

Source: The Power Of Silence