Not many people had the chance to observe the emerald meteor that lit up the sky in India in 2016. It quickly faded away so many people were not able to notice it.

However, luckily, Prasenjeet Yadav, a photographer, was at the right place and at the right time. He had set up his camera before and the camera picked up the emerald shooting star, while he was sleeping.

Even though Yadav was not sure about the validity of the photo that his camera picked up, he later realized that it was a real one. This photo made him the National Geographic`s photographer of the year. Yadav was so lucky that his camera had caught something that is considered a once-in-a-lifetime.

Yadav described how he had captured to photo to the Metro. In October 2015, after winning a National Geographic Explorers grant to take photographs of sky islands, Yadav drove into the mountains to shoot a time-lapse project.

He said that he was camping in Mettupalayam, in South India in 2016. Before going to sleep, he had set up his camera to take about 999 photos. The camera was taking pictures until dawn.

When he woke up, he reviewed the photos that his camera had picked up during the night and noticed a bright green ball streaking down and illuminating the night sky. He realized that his camera has captured a rare event.

After consulting with some experts, Yadav learned that he had caught a green meteor. He added that he was the luckiest photographer at that time. That was one of the most memorable shots he had taken.


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