Joseph Whale is a talented 9-year old boy who often got into trouble at school because of his doodling habit in class. Instead of scolding their child, like many other parents usually do, Joe’s parents recognized his talent and decided to give him creative freedom to grow as an artist.

In other words, they sent their child to art classes where everyone noticed his talent. His art teacher loved Joe’s art and even shared some of his drawings on Instagram.

Restaurant “Number 4”  in Shrewsbury, England found Joe’s drawings appealing and invited the little boy to decorate the walls of the dining room.

The staff was amazed by the amount of imagination in his drawings, so Joe spent almost twelve hours doodling and decorating the restaurant walls.

Joe is also known as “The Doodle Boy” and he has his own website where you can get familiar with his amazing works of art.

His parents are proud of his achievement. They find it incredible that a 9-year old boy can work professionally for an independent business, as this restaurant.

They also advise other parents to let their children follow their own dreams and encourage them to develop their talents.

Experts suggest embracing your children’s talents whatever they may be, even if they don’t match your vision for their future.

Here are some tips on how to support your children so they can grow into self-confident individuals:

– make sure you are a self-confident person
– don’t get upset about their mistakes
– encourage your children to try new things
– teach them to accept their own failure
– help them to explore their own interests so they can develop a sense of identity
– celebrate their efforts regardless of the final outcome
– let them know that perfection is unrealistic.

Source/photos: BoredPanda   Joe Whale   Greg Whale