In 2018, Cilia Carden, a vegan, brought an action to the Supreme Court in Australia against her neighbors, as they were planning a barbeque in front of her house.

Cilia, who is a massage therapist, stated that she could not spend time in her backyard, while her neighbors cooked meat and fish, and their children played basketball. She could not even sleep.

On the 19th of October, more than 9000 people confirmed that they are attending the massive BBQ in front of Cilia’s backyard in order to mock her court case against her neighbors.

Bailey Mason, an initiator of the event, said the Cilia had a problem with her neighbors because she is a vegan. But, they would not permit her to ruin the old tradition of Aussies.

When her case was dismissed in January by the Court, indicating that there was not enough evidence, Cilia, believing that her rights as a homeowner were violated, filed a 600-page appeal against her neighbors.

The case was again dismissed. The neighbors moved the barbeque and ordered their children to stop playing basketball in the backyard. Peace and rest was the only thing that Cilia looked for.

Reference: The Guardian