According to the Greek philosopher Seneca, if we want to keep our secrets, we should not share them with anyone, and this applies to any personal thing or problem we may be dealing with.

The sages of India based their philosophy on the belief that we mustn’t reveal our secrets, especially those related to our achievements or weaknesses.

Therefore, today we are going to present to you several aspects of life that, according to the Hindu philosophy, we should keep to ourselves.

Many people believe that Hinduism is a religion, but actually, it is a way of life that requires maintaining a simplistic attitude that can have a huge impact on our future.

According to the Hindu philosophy, all human beings are fully responsible for their actions as well as for the paths they will choose in their lives. So, if you indulge in doing something wrong, you have to suffer from the consequences of those actions.

In order to bring positive energy into your life and be happier, follow the rules below:

1. Do not talk about your projects before you bring them to realization

Your future plans and ideas may not be perfect. So, if you share them with others, you can be either criticized or judged. Envious people will try to sabotage your plan by pointing out its defects, which in turn will make you lose your motivation and enthusiasm.

Therefore, wait until you bring your plans to realization and then talk about them.

2. Make sure you don’t disclose your charitable acts

It is really annoying when someone boasts of being generous and charitable. Of course, it is great to do something good for others, but it is really unnecessary to disclose your generosity.

3. Do not talk about your heroic deeds

Keep your courageous attitude and acts of heroism for yourself. If others have seen your deed, you will receive recognition, but if nobody has seen what you have done, then the recognition should be kept for self-admiration.

4. Do not disclose your intimacies

Problems that refer to your food, sleep, or sex should remain secret, and there is no point in revealing them to others.

5. Keep your spiritual knowledge only for yourself

Wise men from India place spirituality in a very high place. According to them, spirituality deserves great recognition, and people should keep it to themselves since it is viewed as a kind of treasure that is linked to the way we perceive the outer world.

In order to avoid being questioned in personal and profound aspects, do not disclose your thoughts, ideas, spirituality, and analysis of life.

6. Do not talk about your family problems with others

Everything that happens in your personal world should remain there. On one hand, sharing your problems with a trustworthy friend can relieve your stress, especially when it comes to family problems and conflicts. On the other hand, it creates an illusion that your problems seem bigger than they really are.

What’s more, other people make judgments regarding your problems without knowing them in-depth, which is not helpful at all.

Therefore, instead of disclosing your family issues, make sure you reinforce the bond that unites you and your loved ones since that is the only way they can be resolved.

7. Do not talk about other people’s problems

Listening permanently to other people’s problems can be really tiring since that creates a burden that will bring only negativity to your life. Gossiping and criticizing other people’s lives is a waste of energy and time. Instead, focus on your life and the goals you want to achieve.

By keeping all these things for yourself, you preserve your psychological health. Remember that the key to personal identity is to establish lines of protection that will help you to live a happier and healthier life.