Some time ago we brought a cat home and gave him the name Victor. He is an incredibly social cat and there aren’t many things that bother him.

He goes everywhere we go and he loves meeting strangers, but in spite of all this, he has one big and irrational fear. Since he was a young kitten he has been scared of tangerines.

The mom, for an interview, said that one day when she started to peel a tangerine Victor, the cat, started to hiss and ran away from it.

They soon found out that some other oranges looking fruits scare him as well. But they proved to be very useful tools for teaching him some rules and how to behave properly.

They started to put these fruits next to things they didn’t want him to climb or scratch, and it was working well. One of the main rules that Victor had always been breaking was not to mess with the Christmas tree.

The mom said how she was tired of yelling to him not to touch and break the ornaments so she came up with a smart idea – she surrounded the Christmas tree with tangerines so Victor wouldn’t get near it and of course it worked.

So the Christmas tree was saved in the end thanks to Victor’s irrational fear of tangerines.