Can you imagine having both a dog and a koala at home? Well, Kerry McKinnon had never imagined that too, until one day her golden retriever called Asha came home with a baby koala on the top of her back!

Kerry and her husband live in Strathdownie, Australia where the morning temperatures during the winter season could reach 5°C which is extremely cold, especially for a baby koala.

Kerry says that Asha’s reaction was hilarious when she came home with the cute joey on her back. She looked guilty and confused but also very happy for letting the tiny koala nestle into her. She didn’t even try to get the poor animal off.

It has remained a mystery how this cute koala ended up attached to Asha’s back. According to Kerry, the baby koala has probably fallen out of its mum’s pouch.

It has been wandering in Kerry’s back porch and it probably decided to snuggle in Asha’s fur while she was sleeping in her bed because it was warm and nice there.

The little poor thing would have been really happy if it could sleep on the top of the dog’s back all day. So, this was a unique and amazing animal friendship ever seen.

Kerry believes dogs are highly caring animals, which is due to their protective instincts. So, Asha was praised as a hero for saving the baby koala.

If it wasn’t for her, the little joey would have died either from the extremely low temperatures or it could have been taken by a fox or some other predators.

Kerry also explained that it was really difficult for her to separate these two friends. However, in the end, the baby koala was examined by a vet and taken by a local carer to look after it until it reaches an age when it can live in the wild on its own.