Recently, India has been one of the most heavily polluted countries in the world, but due to the lockdown, it has seen a great drop in the pollution levels. With lower pollution, some things are changing drastically.

People from the city of Jalandhar recently have said that they can get a clear view of the Himalayas, which they weren’t able to do for around thirty years. The air is usually polluted and filled with smog so the visibility is low, but because of the lockdown, the air has started to clear itself.


This is one of the positive things that happen even though people are struggling with isolation and lockdown all around the world. There have been fewer vehicles on the streets and all the industries are lowering their work so many countries are seeing drops in their pollution levels.


About this topic, SBS Hindi corresponded:

The Himalayas are the highest mountain range in the world, and the fact that a change as big as this happened, needs to wake the world the work towards bringing changes like this in normal times too. Many of the people in Jalandhar see the peaks for the first time in their lives and they are grateful for the improvement of the quality of the air. It might seem like it’s a small thing, almost a million people living in the city are breathing much better air and that is not something to be underestimated.