Robert thought that he would never see his 19-year-old missing cat Chebon after he went missing 7 years ago. However, a call has changed his life.

A man called to tell him that his cat is alive and safe, waiting for him to pick it up.

Seven years ago, when Robert was planning to move from California to Ohio, Chebon went missing. Then, he decided not to move to Ohio and to try to find his beloved cat.

He has looked for his cat for one year but without success. Robert immediately decided to move to California.

A woman has found an ill cat and took him to the vet. The cat had a microchip and the vet immediately knew who the owner of the cat was.

Chebon was living on the street for 7 years and got ill. Then, the vet called Robert and told him that his cat was alive.

Even though he did not believe that it was Chebon, Robert immediately got on the plane and went to California to see his cat. He recognized Chebon at first sight.

They are now again together. In the video below, you can see how their reunion looked like.

Source/photos: BoredPanda