Curtis Rogers, a seven-year-old boy from Raleigh, North Carolina, organized a personal prom for his babysitter. Due to the pandemic, the whole world was under lockdown. The schools were closed, and the proms were canceled.

For this reason, Curtis decided to organize a personal prom for Rachel, his babysitter. Both Curtis and Rachel looked like a prom king and queen.

Curtis had not seen his babysitter for more than 2 months. Therefore, after he heard that her prom was put off, he decided to surprise her and organized her prom.

Namely, Curtis, like a gentleman, waited for Rachel and let her to the yard while maintaining social distance. All of Rachel`s favorite snacks were perfectly arranged there. After dinner, they danced together.

Becky Chapman, Rachel`s mother, posted a photo of the prom on Twitter and it went viral on social media.

Curtis had planned all the details of the prom. He also chose a bow tie and a suit for himself. Elissa, Cutis` mother said that Rachel is one of the most important people in his sons` life. The bond between her son and Rachel was special.

The personal prom that Curtis organized followed all rules of social distancing. It was not the only prom that happened. There were online proms and graduations, too.

Source/photos:  Truth Theory  ||  Becky Chapman