Always look for someone who will be aware of your worth, because only this person can give you the love you deserve. This means that love isn’t always painful and tough. If you are with the right person it can be genuine, deep, and sincere.

Never give your heart to those who don’t know how to take care of it. Don’t put yourself in a position to beg for someone’s attention or love. Always seek a man that can pull down all those protective walls you have surrounded your heart with.

You will recognize him, by seeing the fear of losing you in his eyes. He won’t be afraid of giving you the love you truly deserve and won’t be ashamed of expressing his feelings. Instead, he will emasculate himself just to show you all his vulnerabilities.

He will do everything to make you feel special and see the happiness in your eyes. He will be supportive when you feel bad and passionate and loving when you feel great.

You will see your home in his eyes and your heart will tell you that you can always rely on him. You deserve to be with a man that will accept you for who you are and let you be yourself. He will accept and cherish all your weaknesses and faults.

For him, you will be the most beautiful and the best thing that has ever happened to him. He will find his strength and blessing in you because he believes in the purity of your heart. In one word, he will be proud and grateful for having you by his side.

He will never call you clingy, needy, or boring. Even if you lose your temper, he will be patient with you and show a high level of understanding because he feels privileged to help you overcome your problems only to see the amazing smile on your face.

He will always feel awesome in your company regardless of where you are at the moment because he loves and appreciates the time spent with you.

You will find both your best friend and a lover in him. He will show an enormous interest in everything you do. He will never forget to ask if you had a good or a bad day.

For him, you will be the most important person in his life and you will be his main priority. You deserve to be with a man that will love you this way. Unconditionally, truly and deeply.

However, to find the one you deserve you should abandon certain negative and disruptive types of attitudes that most women attain. That means you should stop feeling insecure about your weaknesses. Learn how to accept them. Don’t be jealous, instead, make sure you have confidence in your partner and the quality of your relationship.

Don’t expect your partner to do everything. Love is more than feeling, it is an action. Turn your words into deeds. And don’t try to change your partner so that he meets all your expectations. Remember that love is based on acceptability, not expectations.