During the quarantine time, a lot of people engage themselves in activities like watching movies, reading books or scrolling social media. Talking a walk while maintaining a distance from other people isn’t forbidden, but some people forget about the world outside.

As a result of human absence, unusual outcomes of the quarantine have been noticed in some countries. For example, in Italy, Japan, and Thailand people have seen animals roaming the streets.

In Japan, deer have been observed wandering the streets in search of food. They reside at Nara Park, which is a very popular touristic place. It has more than 1,000 deer that seldom walk outside the park. Tourists usually buy rice crackers to feed them, but now they seem to have no choice but roam the streets to find some food.

The sight was considered amusing after plenty of photos have emerged on social media.

A swarm of starving monkeys looking for food has been observed in a city plaza in Thailand, due to the lack of tourists.

In Italy, wild boars have been reported walking through the streets, while many people have shared photos of sheep and horses roaming the streets as well.

Since there are no ferries or boats to fill up the canals in Venice, a lot of ducks and fishes have been noticed swimming in the water.

Despite the dreary circumstances, most people were amused by the sight of various animals invading the streets.


Source/photos: okadennisdopo-magari-lo-cambio.tumblrbi-until-theday-idie.tumblr