Jack Storms was a successful athlete and an excellent student in New Hampshire. It was not until later that he discovered his passion in contemporary art.

Years ago, a video of rare glass sculptures went viral on YouTube, and then the whole world heard about Jack Storms, an artist based in Los Angeles. He has learned how to combine dichroic glass and lead crystal with a cold-glass procedure.

This procedure requires weeks and weeks to create one piece of glass sculpture. Jack is one of the few artists who has mastered this challenging artwork.

Both inspired and challenged by having been told that his ideas were impossible, one of his first great achievements as an artist was to design and create a cold-working lathe, which allows him to create sculpt shapes and glass with details from a wooden medium.

Jack admits that he does not use heat during the cold-working procedure. He just grinds and polishes the glass. This procedure is what makes him unique.

The cold-working procedure, which can last up to 24 weeks, begins by designing a core of lead crystal that is cut and polished forming reflecting mirrors. When it is wrapped in optical glass, the light refraction forms hypnotic rainbows.

He spends 8 – 18 weeks creating one piece of work due to the level of perfection and the amount of labor that he involves in the procedure. His mind and heart are not the only sources of inspiration while creating fine glass sculptures, at the core of each piece of art stands the theory of Fibonacci, a mathematician who expressed natural math in nature.

Fibonacci ratios are found in every living thing. Natural beauty is not manufactured, it is created.