Aunts are highly important for children’s development. An aunt is like a second mum and she plays a really special role in her nieces and nephews’ lives. Here is why aunts are considered so important:

1. Aunts take good care of children

Aunts are awesome and loving. They aren’t strict, but they also don’t pamper children. They teach them valuable life lessons to help them become better people.

2. They pass down their knowledge

They selflessly share their wisdom and knowledge with their nieces and nephews, thus trying to make their lives easier.

3. Aunts are great listeners

Your aunt will always be there for you. She is a great listener and you can always get good advice from her.

4. Aunts bring children presents

They love seeing their nieces and nephews happy, so they regularly buy them beautiful presents.

5. They teach children valuable lessons

Most children prefer to share their problems with their aunts, rather than with their parents. Therefore, aunts are always there for them. They are great teachers and help children learn what is right and what is wrong.

6. They give the best advice

Without being judgmental, they easily relate to children’s problems and understand them very well. They give them the best advice and are children’s favorite counselors.

7. Aunts are awesome disciplinarians

They know how to stay calm in the presence of misbehaving children and can correct them positively and gently.

8. They love playing with children

Aunts love playing with their nieces and nephews and spend quality time with them. Children feel incredibly happy when they get to play with their aunt.

9. Aunts are highly supportive

They will never let their nieces and nephews alone until they reach a stage in life when they can manage life on their own.

10. Aunts provide cousins

Aunts have also their children who are the best playmates for nieces and nephews. A lot of them have awesome relationships with their cousins for their entire lives.

The bond between children and aunts is everlasting and strong. If you have an aunt, make sure you show her how much you love her.

ReferenceI Heart Intelligence