Baking soda is considered as one of the most versatile ingredients because it has been used both as a cleaning and a cooking agent.

However, according to the latest studies, it can be also used as an alternative cure for cancer. It can treat various cancer types, including intestine, throat, colon, and rectal area cancer.

Unlike conventional cancer treatments, baking soda has no side effects and it is a completely safe and non-invasive healing method. It doesn’t damage the immunity like the surgery and cancer drugs which leave the whole body in a severe state of shock.

Oncologists and pharmaceutical companies hate the treatment with baking soda because they can’t make money from it. This is why chemotherapy is still used although it isn’t effective and it doesn’t decrease the mortality or morbidity rates. On the contrary, it even boosts the cancer growth.

Cancer cells need a low-oxygen environment to survive. This is possible if the blood pH is extremely acidic which is due to the intake of acidic foods, refined sugars, caffeine, and flours. Baking soda, on the other hand, is a substance that neutralizes the acidic pH, thus creating an alkaline environment in the body.

According to the researchers, sodium bicarbonate raises the pH levels outside cells and not within them. This is a significant discovery because it suggests that baking soda doesn’t interfere with cellular metabolism.

Therefore, you can reverse the acidic blood pH by implementing certain dietary changes which involve using baking soda and alkaline foods.

The deviations in the blood pH can signify an existence of a potentially dangerous disease. When the body is no longer able to neutralize the acidity, it relocates the acid buildup in the connective tissues and extracellular fluids, thus compromising cellular integrity.

In order to reverse a cancerous disease, it is recommendable to mix baking soda with maple syrup. Mix these two ingredients in ratio 1:3 and stir the mixture over low heat for about 7 minutes. Make sure you take 3 tablespoons of this remedy per day for one or two months.

Sondra Braun is a 60-year-old cancer survivor who said that she beat cancer without exposing herself to the harmful effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

She explained why she decided to use baking soda instead of the traditional cancer therapy. Namely, she has found an article about an Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini, who destroyed tumors by injecting baking soda directly into them. This encouraged her to try out this treatment. She consumed a mixture of maple syrup and baking soda and after three weeks her tumor started to shrink and get softer. Her oncologist documented this by doing measurements and physical exams by ultrasound. The tumor started to shrink gradually, from 1.7 centimeters to 1.4 centimeters. Finally, after two months, it completely disappeared.

According to Dr. Tullio Simoncicni, the individuals who had cancerous tumors had very high levels of Candida in their bodies. Accordingly, he concluded that cancer is actually a type of fungus. However, since the body is unable to develop immunity to sodium bicarbonate as an anti-fungal agent, Dr. Simoncini had to inject it directly into the tumor to neutralize its acidity.

For even better results, he recommends making dietary changes, replenishing the body with probiotics and good bacteria, and avoiding environmental toxins as much as possible.

Ian Roadhouse, who is a farmer from North California, survived thanks to the baking soda mixture. He was given only six months to live, but when he started to consume this mixture, his cancer was gone in a couple of months.

However, the baking soda mixture should be combined with other alternative healing protocols as well which involve practicing a healthy lifestyle and proper diet. Moreover, this treatment should be under the supervision of a health care provider because the excessive use of baking soda may lead to metabolic alkalosis which is an extremely serious and life-threatening condition.