Spring is finally here. The daffodils and tulips are blooming. The melting of the snow announces the arrival of the spring.

Here are some reasons why the arrival of the spring makes us happy:

1. You can spend more time outdoors

Warm temperature and clear sky come with the arrival of the spring. The weather is perfect for going for a walk or meeting up with friends.

2. We get more daylight

In spring, nights are shorter, which means that we get more daylight. When we get up, the sun is shining. It is considered that waking up in daylight makes us more productive

3. Springtime makes us creative

Warm temperature and daylight boost our creativity. Also, in spring, we can spend more time outdoors, recharge our batteries and increase our creativity.

4. Spring makes us healthier

Not only does sunlight boost our creativity, but it also boosts our health. The production of vitamin D in our body is stimulated by sunlight, which means our bones and teeth are stronger. It also boosts our immune system, the levels of insulin.

5. Flowers are blooming

When winter is gone, the snow is replaced by flowers. Flowers are everywhere. They get their way into our accessories, clothes, home decoration, etc.