The Royal Geographical Society of London was pretty stunned by the conclusion made by the Earthwatch Institute.

The Institute declared bees to be the most important living organism on the earth. This is especially important for these little guys because they are already on the endangered species list. In recent years, the population of these insects has dropped by 90 percent.

The main factors that destroy the bee population are lack of flowers, deforestation and the use of toxic pesticides. If the bees become completely instinct, the fauna would disappear completely and the food production will decrease since these little insects are still responsible for 70 percent of the food that we eat.

Research has also shown that bees are the only living beings that carry no pathogens. No other organism on this planet is pathogen-free.

For all these reasons, we must pay more attention to the well-being and health of these small creatures.

Celebrities completely support the struggle to protect the bees. For instance, Morgan Freeman has transformed a large portion of his estate in Mississippi into a bee sanctuary.

Bees are essential for our survival. The growth of the vegetation and our planet itself is in the hands of these small living beings. Therefore, everybody must join and support the cause for the protection of the most important living being on the planet – the bee.