If you are afraid of bees, these photos of bees sleeping in flowers will make you change your mind.

These photos taken by the wildlife photographer Joe Nelly will make you fall in love with these lovely bees at first sight. A photo of the bees sleeping in flowers covered with pollen went viral on the Internet these days.

Joe and Nicole, his fiancée, went for a walk planning to take photos of poppy flowers. While taking photos of the flowers, Nicole noticed bees sleeping inside some flowers. This is not a common sight, even though sometimes after finishing off their work, bees prefer sleeping inside flowers.

Trying to see whether the bees are alive, Joe went closer to the flowers. Then, he noticed how a bee stopped on an open flower and joined the bee that was sleeping inside it.

If bees do not exist, we will not have enough food to survive. As bees pollinate food crops and the food we eat relies on bee pollination, we need these insects in order to protect the plants. There, we really hope that these photos will make change your mind and stop being afraid of them.