The flames in Australia have destroyed more than 2.000 homes and burnt almost 10 million hectares across the country. The ecologists of the University of Sidney stated that there are millions of animals, including reptiles, mammals, and birds, have died. Bats, frogs, and insects are not counted.

The weather forecast predicts dry and hot weather conditions, with thunderstorms and winds.

Here is a list of the before-and-after photo that shows the completely devastated areas of Australia.

1. Kangaroo Island

Nearly 155.000 hectares of land, or about 1/3 of the island, have been destroyed and a huge number of koalas died.

2. Tathra Beach

3. Mogo Wildlife Park

4. House in Sarsfield, Viktoria

5. Cobargo`s main street

7. Genoa Bridge

8. Mallacoota Wharf

9. Canberra`s wildlife sanctuary

10. Air quality in Sidney

11. The town of Mallacoota

12. Betka road

13. Shoalhaven the same day