Scientists discovered that neurons in the brains of mammals were able to produce light photons, also called “Biophotons”!

These photons appear in the visible spectrum, which is strange enough. They vary from near-infrared through violet, which is between 200 and 1,300 nanometers.

Scientists suspect that the neurons in our brain can communicate through light. They think that our brain could have channels for optical communication, but they actually do not have an idea what might be communicated.

It is even more exciting, and it is said if optical communication exists, then quantum entanglement can affect the Biophotons that are produced by our brains. This means there might be powerful connections between these photons, the consciousness and the possibility which is called Spirit by many cultures.

In a few experiments, it was discovered by scientists that rat brains are able to pass only one biophoton for each neuron in 60 seconds. However, human brains can transfer more than 1 billion biophotons in 1 second.

This brings up the question, is it possible that the more light one can make and communicate among neurons, the more conscious they will be?

In case there is a powerful correlation among biophotons, consciousness and light can have potent implications that there is more to light than we know it.

Only start thinking for a minute. Different religions and texts coming from the past and ancient civilizations reported the appearance of ascended beings, saints, as well as spiritually aware individuals who had shining circles right above their heads.

Coming from Ancient Rome and Greece to Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam, among many different religions, sacred individuals were pictures with a shining circle similar to a round glow right above their heads.

It is believed that their shining circle was only a result of the higher consciousness they worked with, which gave them higher frequency and biophoton production.

Perhaps they produced a much higher level of biophotons, and the reason was their enlightenment; if you are able to find a relation between consciousness and biophotons.

EnLIGHTenment (the word) itself shows that there is a connection between higher consciousness and light.
However, one of the most exciting signs was the discovery that our brains might make light, and our spirit and consciousness are not contained inside of our bodies. However, scientists fully overlook this implication.

It is said by quantum entanglement that two entangled photons will make a reaction if one of them is affected, regardless of the position of the other one, without any delay.

Perhaps, there is a world, and it exists within the light, and it is not important where is your location in The Universe; the photons are able to act like portals that enable communication between the two worlds. Perhaps our consciousness and spirit communicate with our bodies with the help of these biophotons. Maybe, the more light we make, the more we embody and awaken our consciousness.

This might explain the phenomenon of why you can affect the state of a photon by a conscious observation, as quantum experiments have proven.

Perhaps our observation communicates something with the help of our biophotons with the observed photon in a similar fashion to quantum entanglement. It seems like light is only one unified substance that is scattered in the Universe, and it can be affected by every light particle.

However, this is only a theory. It is important to ask questions and shoot similar metaphysical hypotheses because it can lead us closer to the truth. This way, we will understand what consciousness is, its origin, and all mysteries in the light.