The digestive problem which is caused when there are excess gases in the stomach is called bloating. Most of us have already experienced this i.e. have felt discomfort or pain in the stomach which looks like a small ball.

This condition is not a serious one even though sometimes it can indicate the occurrence of digestive cancer.

The most common reasons for bloating are:

  • Insufficient water intake i.e. too much alcohol or coffee intake. When our body faces a lack of water, it uses the liquids saved in the tissues. In this way, water is retained, and bloating appears.
  • Insufficient fiber intake i.e. consumption of fiber is essential for our digestion. If not consumed regularly, it can cause constipation and thus bloating. When it comes to fiber intake, we should take into consideration that too much fiber intake is also not recommended, so we have to be careful and consume fiber in limited amounts.
  • Too much stress i.e. when the body is under stress the digestive system does not function properly. Bloating is often a sign that the body is under stress.
  • Chewing food improperly i.e. chewing food fast and swallowing big chunks of food can lead to bloating.
  • Too many carbohydrates i.e. high consumption of carbohydrates every day can cause bloating.

If we eat low-carb food and stop consuming coffee, alcohol, and sugar, we can keep our digestive system balanced and avoid uncomfortable bloating.