People think that this amazing mixture of cinnamon and boiled banana is a very powerful and natural cure. They consider being even better than pills.

People who have insomnia, those who have frequent body aches and those with dark under eye circles would benefits a lot from this recipe. People who suffer from insomnia eventually just toss in their bed as they are very tired and actually turn in their beds and cannot sleep for hours.

If this is prolonged, it might lead to different sleep problems and other health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Why is hard for some people to fall asleep?

Sometimes, when someone goes to bed they end up thinking about their responsibilities the next day, and also wonder into all problems they face in their lives. If this happens during a long period of time, it means that the mind is stressed out and overwhelmed. For this reason it is considered that over thinking is a huge contributor to many sleep issues.

How to improve the sleep quality and how to fall asleep easy and quickly

If you are facing with a sleeping problem, you should never go for medicines. Instead, you should search for some natural methods which can help you and at the same time they will help you to be healthy as well. Having this in your mind, we have one easy and simple recipe. You can try it and make it in your own home and it can be used to improve your sleep.

We present you the recipe:


– One banana

– A bowl of water

– A little bit of cinnamon according to your taste


First the water should boil and once boiled you should add the banana and leave it in the water for 10 minutes. The next step is to set the pot aside and strain the liquid in a container. Once you add the cinnamon your drink is ready. You should keep the banana and you can eat it while you drink your remedy.

How to use it:

You should consume this mixture 60 minutes before going to bed.