We all know that Jon Bon Jovi is a fantastic musician, but for those who didn’t know, he is a great philanthropist too. After establishing JBL Soul Kitchen, he is planning to open a third community restaurant which will be located at Rutgers University campus in New Jersey.

Namely, its main purpose is to enable those in need to have free access to healthy and nutritious hot meals. According to his wife, Dorothea Hurley, hunger and homelessness are everywhere around us which go unaddressed due to the social taboos.

By stigmatizing them, we make it much harder for homeless and poor people to gain access to the resources they desperately need.

As a result, in 2011 the couple opened their first JBJ Soul Kitchen in New Jersey to provide quality food for the most vulnerable members of their community.

The best thing about JBJ Soul Kitchen is that there are no prices listed on the menu. Instead, diners in this restaurant are asked to pay only $20 for their meal or to pay someone else’s meal. If they can’t pay anything, they are requested to do a voluntary job, such as washing dishes or clearing tables in exchange for their dinner.

The chefs in JBJ Soul Kitchen cook only natural and healthy food, such as salads, soup, vegetarian selection, meat, and fish. People who eat here always have a delicious and freshly made dessert as well.

On the other hand, the newest outlet that will be located at Rutgers University is supposed to feed students who reside on the campus and who face financial difficulties.

Bon Jovi said that studying hard and eating ramen noodles every day because it’s the only thing you can afford, must be tough.

According to the foundation’s website, so far, the JBJ Soul Kitchen has served more than 105,893 meals and only 54% of them were paid for with volunteering.


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Thank you to everyone who came out for our 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off! Congratulations to our winners: 1st Place: New Jersey State Police – “Bad Medicine” 2nd Place: Lanoka Harbor First Aid – “Blaze of Glory” 3rd Place: Toms River Fire Dept., Company #1 – “The Boys on the Hill” We appreciate everyone coming out to support JBJ Soul Kitchen Toms River and all of the first responders who participated. Special thanks to Home Run Party Entertainment for providing free children’s activities and Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Foundation Inc. for performing throughout the event. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year! #jbjsoulkitchen #tomsriver #chilicookoff #tomsriverlocal

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However, the couple doesn’t intend to stop here. They are planning to open a lot more outlets of JBJ Soul Kitchen. They say that doing good, makes you feel good. It gives you a sense of fulfillment because it’s amazing to touch someone’s life in such a manner.

In this way, Bon Jovi has helped numerous families and individuals to fight against the economic despair they have found themselves in. His foundation has created plenty of programs to help the community combat poverty and homelessness.

Also, its main goal is to recognize and increase the human potential in poor and homeless people by establishing social services that provide permanent housing as well as including them into various job training programs that will improve their lives forever.


Source:  UpWorthy