Wintertime is the most festive time of the year, but it’s not very nice if you had to spend it out in the cold. Stray dogs are very affected by the cold weather, so think about them sometimes when you’re enjoying staying home in the warm.

In Curitiba, Brazil about a couple of years the people working at the bus station Barreirinha showed their kindness to the world when they let some stray dogs inside and gave them shelter, food, and water.

They named the three dogs they took in Zoinho, Pitoco, and Max and they even made beds for them out of old bus tires which they covered in blankets.

This act of kindness left many people amazed. One who commented about it was local politician Fabiane Rosa who’s also an animal lover:

She also encouraged people to try to help these animals that are left alone in the cold, and to report any abuse done to them.

Her post on Facebook about the employees of the bus station giving shelter to these poor puppies received many positive reactions with people praising the staff that helped the dogs.

The number of homeless dogs on the streets is a growing problem worldwide and we should all try our best to reduce the number of stray dogs. Dog shelters are not always the best idea as they might lack in space or funds, and these animals are exposed to many infections and diseases.

If you plan to adopt a dog, getting one from a shelter is a great virtue, or if you don’t have the conditions to keep a pet you might consider just fostering one – taking care of it while the shelter finds someone that can take it as a part of their family.

Another thing you can do is to neuter your pet to prevent unwanted offspring.

Every contribution you make in helping solve this worldwide problem is very welcome so don’t hesitate to do something.

Source/photos:  World Animal Protection USA, TheDodo