Cabbage is one of the most versatile vegetables which offers myriad of health benefits. It is abundant in numerous minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants which are extremely important for the immunity. Cabbage can be used in the treatment of various health issues and it can detoxify your liver and purify your blood.

If you struggle with certain skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, minor wounds, and acne, cabbage may help you to reduce the redness and the inflammation. This vegetable is also high in vitamin C which slows down the process of aging and rejuvenates the skin.

Cabbage can also help you in the treatment of the following health conditions:

• Indigestion
• Obesity
• Constipation and stomach ulcers
• Headaches
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Rheumatism, gout, and arthritis
• Alzheimer’s disease

There are several types of cabbage which you should take into consideration when purchasing this vegetable. All of them are highly beneficial and available at the market.

1. Cannonball cabbage

This is the most common type of cabbage and it contains plenty of minerals and vitamins. It is also known as green cabbage and it can be added to various meals.

2. Red cabbage

This type of cabbage is thicker than the green one and its taste is a bit tangier. Likewise the green cabbage, the red one is abundant in essential minerals and vitamins.

3. Savoy cabbage

This type of cabbage has dark leaves and it is much bigger than the previous two types.

4. Napa cabbage

It has green leaves and its shape is oval. It is also called Chinese cabbage and it is rich in highly important nutrients.

5. January King cabbage

January King cabbage is a winter vegetable which has green and slightly flattened heads. It is developed in northern Europe while in England it is known as a cabbage with the finest taste at the market.

Here is why cabbage is widely consumed in Europe and considered as one of the healthiest and most beneficial vegetables:

• It acts as an antioxidant
• Prevents cancer
• Reduces inflammation
• Regulates the levels of cholesterol
• Maintains the cardiovascular health
• Supports digestion
• Strengthens the immunity
• Protects the organism from the harmful radiation therapy
• Prevents cataract
• Improves brain health
• Regulates blood pressure
• Improves the bone health
• Speeds up the healing process
• Reduces muscle pain
• Promotes weight loss

Europeans have also used cabbage as a natural remedy for joint pain. Here is the recipe:


• Gauze
• Red cabbage
• Aluminum foil


Use the top layer of the cabbage leaves and wash them with lukewarm water. Let them dry and then remove the stem. In order to let the juice out, use a rolling pin and then wrap the leaves in aluminum foil. Warm them up in an oven and place them on the affected area.

Put gauze over the leaves and secure with a bandage. Let the cabbage act for at least one hour and make sure you repeat this procedure several times a day. If you want to apply a cold compress on your joints, you can put the leaves in the fridge before using them.