Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old veteran, completed 100th lap and raised £17m for NHS Charities Together. When he finished the challenge, he stated that his initial aim was to raise £ 1000, but over 800.000 people donated to his charity.

After he finished his 100th lap, he said that he was feeling great. He had never thought that he would take part in such a challenge and collect a great sum of money.

Captain Moore wanted to thank NHS staff that helped him treat beaten hip and cancer by raising charity. Tom finished his challenge 24 hours earlier, and his funding page showed donations of over £17m.

Tom` s daughter and granddaughter said that they were very proud of his achievements. Before his birthday on the 30th of April, in his garden in Bedfordshire, Tom did 100 laps with the help of a walking frame.

NHS staff, as well as celebrities and politicians, congratulated and paid tribute to him. Also, over 300.000 people have signed a petition for Tom to get a knighthood.

Captain Tom said that he did not expect this, but it would be amazing to have such an honor. He collected a great sum of money and captured people`s attention from all over the world.

After Tom finished his challenge, he told the nation that everything would be fine, we would get through the current situation.

His funding page was established last week and more than 700.000 people from all over the world have donated until now.

As Tom`s plans for his 100th birthday have been affected by the pandemic, he said that the people`s support and love were a birthday party for him.

Ian Lush, a chairman of NHS Charities Together, thanked Tom for his efforts and added that it was the largest amount of money ever raised in a campaign.