Nowadays, children fail to perform their everyday tasks at their best. There are several reasons for this, including:

1. Never-ending time for play

Whenever we notice that our children are bored, we look for a way to entertain them. if we do not do so, we think that we are not good parents. We should let children train their brains when they are bored. Children`s brain needs to be trained so that they can assimilate the lessons taught in school.

2. Children get what they want

All parents strive to make their children happy. However, parents should teach their children how to delay gratification. If they can delay gratification, they will be able to easily overcome stressful situations. By giving children what they want, children feel free to neglect the things they do not like. If children are not taught how to make sacrifices, they will never because of what they want.

3. Modern technology

As children spend most of their time before their phones and computers, they rarely do physical exercises. The development and proper functioning of their mental and physical health are decreased due to the lack of physical exercise.

The use of modern technology has also deprived the children of their relatives and friends. The presence of parents, social gathering, and outdoor activities are essential for the nourishment of children`s mental and physical health.

What should parents do?

1. Connect with children emotionally and reduce their use of technology

Spend more time with your children outside. Laugh, run, dance, and play games with them.

2. Set boundaries for your children

Do what is good for your children, not what they want. It is not easy to raise children. Children need to consume healthy food. They need to go to bed early and spend more time outside. Stimulate children to do things they do not like.

3. Teach them to delay gratification

Reduce the use of modern technology and the consumption of unhealthy food. Teach children to strive for things they want, but also to wait.

4. Enhance their social skills

Teach children to accept both victories and defeats. Teach them the importance of bonding and sharing.