Your life is a precious gift and therefore you should spend it only with those who are worth it. Choose to give your love and time only to someone who will choose you. Someone who will care for you, love you deeply, and who will always be there for you.

Give your heart only to a person who will never stop proving that you are worthy of it. Someone that makes you feel at home every time they put their arms around you. Only this person can love you genuinely, the way you deserve.

Find someone who will appreciate every moment spent with you and who wants to invest their time and love only in you.

Commit yourself to a person who will make you believe in true love again. This person will never let you down or make you cry. Instead, they will make you feel protected, cherished, and loved.

Give your love to someone who believes in you. Someone who loves you and supports you unconditionally. Someone who knows your worth and will do wonders just to see you happy.

Choose a person that sees you in their plans. Someone that will inspire you to become a better version of yourself. A person that will get excited by the thought of spending their entire life with you.

Be with someone that will treat you like you are the most important person in their life. Choose a person that is fully committed to loving you. Someone who will be both your lover and your best friend.

This special person will do everything to wash all your worries away and will never stop choosing you. This person will love all your imperfections and will make you feel free to be yourself.

Don’t waste your time on toxic people who will only hold you back and don’t accept to be someone’s secondary priority. Seek only genuine people because you deserve to be loved!